JAGUAR 3.0L SC Tuning Stg1 Tuning at our work shop


This is for our in house STG1 Tuning for remote tuning please see our list of products to find the best one for you.

About this product


Our STG 1 tune consists of a specialist engine ECU remap, designed for a near standard Jaguar or Land Rover supercharged product.

This can be done: In house £300 Or remotely (globally) using a special tooling we supply you £550.

All vehicles receive the same tried and tested tune relevant to your engine.

We have seen gains of up to 59bhp / 60ps.

Each vehicle power gains differ depending on many factors including (but not limited to): – What dyno is used for testing – Ambient air temperature – Engine temperature – Fuel quality and rating – Any underlying faults with the vehicle – If any other modifications have been carried out – Engine and drivetrain condition – The power rating of the engine from factory. – But each vehicle receives the same tried and tested tune relevant to your engine. 4.2 supercharged engine: gains upto 35 bhp / 35ps 5.0 supercharged engine gains upto 55bhp / 54ps

Please Note: Dyno Graphs are from Modified cars with wraptor stg3 kits.

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